Saturday, June 14, 2014

Canton Liberty Run

Race: Canton Liberty Run
Race Date: Saturday, June 14th, 2014
Location: Canton, Michigan
Distance: 5K

  • Sweater with beaded fireworks
  • Red and blue socks
  • Decorated Jazzy Jorts (jean shorts)
To help kick things off at the Canton Liberty Festival, the event hosts a 5K and 10K race Saturday morning. This year was tehre a theme contest for striped costumes, starred costumes, and decorated jorts (jean shorts.) Most of the people I saw went with the jort theme.

I decorated my jorts with some bows from the dollar store, felt stars super glued on on the front. For the back, I wrote the name of the race with glitter pens, and drew the Statue of Liberty in green fabric ink. Both the Statue and the glitter pen writings took a full day to dry.

I'd never run in jorts before, so I played it safe. I wrote running shorts under the jorts (is that cheating?) and lubed up the inner thighs with BodyGlide.

Build for speed.
Photo by Greg Sadler Photography

The weather was a little cool that morning - in the low 50s - which was lucky! My sweater was making things a little toasty. But I felt that I was channeling freedom and that's what mattered.
And we're off!
The 5K spends around a mile in the park near the end of the race, which was shaded had a nice wide path.There are a couple of baby hills but the course is mostly flat.

After the race, I went home, changed clothes, and Jason and I came back to spend a few hours at the festival. Had a great time at both the race and the festival!

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